Blog Post 2 – Silent Garden Lecture Series Part 2

Blog Post 2 – Silent Garden Lecture Series Part 2

Dr. Sheri Mello, Doctor of Audiology, was the second speaker at this year’s Silent Garden Lecture Series, hosted at Fresno State University in California. If you read our last blog, you will know that every year Fresno State hosts a free lecture series event in which they focus on something within Deaf Education or related to hearing loss in general. Dr. Mello was the second lecturer of the day and shared her expertise on tinnitus, which she treats in her clinic in North Carolina.  

Dr. Mello started off her lecture with a panel of individuals who suffer from tinnitus (pronounced TIN-ni-tus not tin-NYE-tus). She asked questions like, what does the noise in your head sound like, how and when do you hear it most, are you able to ignore it and go about your day or is it’s all consuming? Tinnitus is described as a ringing in the ears. It is a symptom of something else going on the in the body or mind, oftentimes hearing loss. It was so interesting to hear how tinnitus can present completely different in each individual. Some panelists described it as an “EEEEEEEE” noise, others as a kind of beat in their head. 

In her clinic, they take a holistic approach to treatment looking at stress management, diet, exercise, sleep and more to treat the effects of tinnitus. Sound therapy and cognitive behavior therapy are also tools that can be used to minimize tinnitus. 

For students, tinnitus can affect their ability to focus in classes and achieve their best potential. Tinnitus is no joke and can be very disruptive to daily life. To see an example of all the ways that tinnitus can effect someone’s life, check out the attached document. It is the Tinnitus Functional Index and is how Dr. Mello begins all appointments in her clinic. 

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