Top Questions Answered Here


Who is DHH Connect for?

Districts – We have highly qualified, passionate educators ready to work with this unique population of students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, supporting them to meet their IEP goals and providing specialized services. 

Educators – Looking for flexible hours, to work virtually with the population you love? We got you!

Parents – Want to get support for your child that is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, academically or as they get ready for college or a career? We can help!

YOU! – Are you Deaf or Hard of Hearing and looking for rehabilitation opportunities? We can provide those opportunities virtually. 


How does it work?


First, we contract with districts in need of services. 

Once a contract is established, virtual sessions are scheduled via the student’s teacher or case manager. The district provides appropriate technology for the student to be able to log on to the virtual platform they choose (we like Google Meet). Specific student IEP goals will be addressed by connecting with one of our highly trained and certificated teachers.


Is virtual education successful with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students?

Yes! With appropriate accommodations and highly trained educators, virtual sessions can be very successful. Check out our testimonials for words from parents, students and districts.

What services do our educators provide?


DHH Connect educators provide one-to-one virtual sessions addressing specific Deaf/Hard of Hearing goals established by the IEP. These include listening and spoken language training, self-advocacy training, equipment support and troubleshooting, support with general education teachers and more. 

They can also provide consultation services to general education teachers or special education case managers and will provide IEP information as required.


Why work with DHH Connect over other educational contracting companies?

DHH Connect was established by working Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing. 

Together, we have been in this position for a long time! Our experience allows us to provide the maximum amount of support to our educators and the districts we contract with. We provide mentorship to our credentialed teachers as well as support with curriculum development and technology troubleshooting, just to name a few!